Our Spa is still CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19. We will re-open soon.

Please stay attuned with our website and Facebook page for more updates.


Reference: niagararegion.ca/health

1. Client appointments are scheduled by phone (texting is faster), email (fast), or call (slow).

     When not answered in 24-48 hours, please get back to us;

2. Clients must read this Covid-19 Screening tool before booking appointments:

    Do you have any of the following:                                                     YES   or     NO

    a. Fever/chills

    b. New cough or a cough that is getting worse

    c. Difficulty of breathing

    d. Shortness of breath, even when sitting or walking regularly

    e. Sore throat, not due to allergies

    f.  A runny nose or congested nose, not due to allergies

    g.  Unusual level of fatigue

    h. Nausea (vomiting), diarrhea, or loss of appetite

     i. Feeling unwell for an unknown reason

     j. Have you been in close contact with someone who is either sick,

        sent for testing, or has confirmed Covid-19 in the past 14 days?

    k. Have you returned from travel outside Canada in the past 14 days?  

        If your answer is YES to any of these questions, do not make any appointment with us at this time.

        Stay home and self-isolate yourself right away. Call your doctor or Covid-19 Info-line (905) 688-8248;

3. Clients are screened for symptoms of Covid-19 when booking appointments and upon arrival.

4. Clients are not permitted to bring anyone with them, unless they also have an appointment.

5. Waiting areas are not permitted. Clients must wait outside the premises until their scheduled appointment.

6. Clients must wear mask for the duration of the appointment except while receiving services on areas of the 

    face that would otherwise be covered by a mask. Masks are available on site at a cost.

7. Clients must follow signage at the premises for health and safety.

8. Clients must bring and use own pen or pencil when writing is necessary to prevent spread of infection.

Please note that the Spa and therapists are also following requirements set by Public Health.


Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, major card providers

Interac Debit: Has to be Interac tap and up to $100 only.

Cash: Bring enough. No available change on site. White envelope is provided for cash payments.


Rescheduling and cancellations are free of charge as long as you give us notice 24-hours prior to your treatment.

Full Pre-paid Services:

24 hour notice for cancellation or re-scheduling is required.

Failure to give notice within said time frame forfeits the entire service with no refund. This also applies to full pre-paid no-shows.

By booking your appointment(s) online (not working at this time), 

or through phone, text, email, you agree with the Terms & Conditions below:


You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your appointment is set correctly.

You will also receive a reminder e-mail a day before your appointment. Make sure your e-mails are correct and up to date.

Before treatments:

All services will require you to fill out a form along with a quick interview and assessment to determine if the treatment you chose

is safe to perform. Please arrive 10 minutes for new clients and 5 minutes for existing clients, before your scheduled appointment.


Late Policy:

Being late may reduce your treatment time as courtesy to the next person's booked appointment and therapist's preparation time.

Price for the treatment remains the same.

Return or Refund Policy for Products and Services:

All sales, services and products are final. NO RETURN, NO REFUND. Thank you.

Cellphone and Other Media Devices Policy:

Use of cellphone and other media devices are highly discouraged to respect other clients' quiet and tranquil moment in the facility

except for emergency purposes.

Use of Sanitized or Disposable Footwear:

We highly recommend the use of sanitized footwear provided in our facility.

This is to ensure that the entire spa areas are as clean and sanitized as possible.


By booking with RSR Spa & Wellness Centre, you agree to have read, fully understood and accepted all terms, conditions and

guidelines above; that you are over 18 years of age; and you willingly provide us with your credit card information, if applicable,

for booking and payment purposes.

If further clarification is required, please give us a call at (647) 718-8022 or at (289) 271-8807. Or e-mail us at info@rsrspawellness.com .

Niagara Falls, ON | info@rsrspawellness.com | (647) 718- 8022 | (289) 271 - 8807

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